Basement Collective is a progressive-fusion group of instrumentalists with the goal of expressing wild creativity and pushing the boundaries of their musical knowledge. Their compositions are unique blends of jazz, classical theory, prog-rock, and metal, resulting in sonically diverse and richly dynamic musical expression.



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Who We Are

Basement Collective is a progressive-fusion group of instrumentalists whose compositional journey began in 2019. However, their collaboration in music dates back to 2014 where band members Jesse Wade, Sean Alvarez, and Mike Tabor studied music together at Ball State University. Mike then recruited Evan Reyes, after playing in the Shure Jazz Orchestra together; and Evan Borkstrom, who plays in a Doors tribute band with Mike’s brother. 

Each rehearsal is used as an opportunity to push for the creation of unique, intricate, and highly dynamic music. All of their tunes are written together live, through trial-and-error experimentation and relentless artistic examination. 

As a diverse five-piece consisting of electrified Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Keys, Electric Guitar, Key Bass/Synthesizer, and Drums, each musical moment shows the depth of their orchestrations. Every bar reveals the continuous push to vary the sonic texture and shift harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic responsibilities among the instruments. Rhythmically, the boundaries are bushed with mixed meter passages and intricately contemplated metric modulations to always keep the listener wondering where "1" is, while never losing the groove. Leveraging a combined vast knowledge of jazz and classical theory alongside a love for prog and metal elements, Basement Collective's tunes evoke sustained interest in the harmonic backdrop and melodic foreground of their tunes. 

They are in the process of recording and releasing their first EP with title track "Vacation Vertigo", as they continue writing for the next one.

the members

jesse wade

Jesse Wade (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, and FLUTE) 

Jesse is an accomplished musician and private music teacher based in the north Chicago suburban area. Drawing on his diverse musical background, including a progressive rock upbringing, classical training, and extensive jazz fusion studies, Jesse brings a unique and sophisticated sound to his compositions. 

Though you’ll mainly hear his voice through his trumpet and flugelhorn, Jesse is also a skilled player of an extensive array of brass and woodwind instruments including trombone, saxophone, flute, and clarinet. He has honed his craft through years of dedication and experimentation, and has an unquenchable thirst for new experiences and musical exploration. 

Jesse's passion for music has taken him around the world, with performances in over 15 countries. He approaches each new opportunity with an open mind and a desire to learn and grow, always looking for new ways to expand his musical horizons and share his passion for music with others.